1. Maintain our institutional image with the correct use of uniform.
  2. Respect work schedule with punctuality.
  3. Promote honest and responsible behavior of school administrators, teachers, parents and students in the management of the resources of the institution and in everyday behavior.
  4. Attend parents and the general public with complete kindness, it is the responsibility of all members of the institution.
  5. Jobs in the institution are multifunctional character: no worker may refuse to perform an activity for which you are properly trained, and do it aiming to achieve excellence.
  6. Provide fair and careful treatment to all staff in their requests and complaints.
  7. The quality of our work should be our most important point and is focused on the satisfaction of parents and staff.
  8. Recognition staff for ideas for improvement and / or saving the company.
  9. All members of the company must maintain an ethical behavior.
  10. Keep your work environment clean and tidy.
  11. Carry out your job without distractions.
  12. Employees must respect and fulfill the determined schedules and shifts within the workday.


Unidad Educativa Particular “San Gerardo” firmly embraces the following company values:

Excellence: The rectorate believes in excellence, promotes it, and searchs it within the entire organization and not only participates but is involved in its preparation.

Professionalism: Each member of our working teams prints to its functions and tasks, responsibility, reliability, consistency, involvement, commitment, respect, dedication and care.

Spirit of service: Each member of our Gerardine family  feels satisfaction in helping and supporting others in their needs, for the pleasure of being useful and doing good to the one who needs it.

Professional ethics: The professional must exercise its function from the strictest honesty and fidelity to principles.

Teamwork: All are aimed at achieving corporate objectives, with cooperation and good communication.

Sense of ownership and membership in the organization: “San Gerardo” values and promotes in their personal sense of pride in the successes of the organization and its fidelity and loyalty to the institution, as well as demonstrates concern over the difficulties of the collective.



In order to contribute to the education of preschool and school children of the city of Loja, it was decided to create the Educational Center “San Gerardo” in 1994, with a philosophical principle of integration and pedagogical alternatives to assist the development of learners, structuring cognitive advice, stimulating creativity, development of positive attitudes toward nature and human beings, promoting group participation, solidarity by various techniques; but especially ensuring the child’s growth and development in an environment of security, freedom and friendship as essential conditions for its realization as a human being.

In the new curriculum reform, education generally has more freedom, you can work actively and creatively allowing a more critical and spontaneous attitude of children. If we analyze the Montessori method, we realize that this is not as new as it seems; also the child’s needs have not changed their base; as love, respect, time is all you need regardless of race, sex, language or religion.

Our children are guided in a free and democratic manner; that is, they have the right to debate and discuss negative attitudes in groups with their teachers. Small working groups: the importance of the groups not being numerous, aims to preserve harmony and balance thereof, since sharing projects, workshops, green classes (ecological) and free game develops in children a broad social sense.

The development of these children follows a path that is sometimes uncomfortable for parents, because their children ask questions and criticize issues that the center allows and encourages, but sometimes they are misunderstood by adults with closed and submissive criteria.

If we project the future, this change in childhood is vital, as critical children and with self-esteem of their own values will achieve the changes that society needs.

To this end, it has been acquired a vast extension of nine and a half hectares land in the beautiful area of New Pompeii – “El Capulí” neighborhood, surrounded by a cozy and own landscape for our students to fully enjoy nature and tranquility. It is in this place where it will continue teaching all small and young Gerardines.

It is a modern, functional infrastructure, and above all adjusted and designed  for our preschool, school and young children, to develop in comfort and technology that modern pedagogy demands, while children are carefully monitored in our central building.

Our institution works double day schedule. In the morning the core subjects are taught: Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Social Science, English, German and Ecology. In the afternoon: Chess, football, Food, Dance, Music, Basketball, Crafts, Addressed tasks.

We have a teaching staff integrated by national and foreign professionals in the different areas both formal and technical. They receive training and ongoing advice to the “Montessori methodology”. Plans of action to guide educational processes and improve relations between teachers, parents and students are developed.


We are an educational institution, which focus on training students with open-minded, critical, research, innovative, and creative thinking, with high self-esteem, entrenched on ethic and moral values.

Gerardine Creed

We believe in a supreme being, maker of all things, in our students, in our country and all its people.

We believe our students are human beings framed in moral, ethical, and civic principles, and above all free in their actions and development in the environment in which they find themselves.

We believe that promoting active and creative education, we support the development of the country, since the critical and reflective thinking instilled in our students, is constituted in the most appropriate way to improve our society.

We believe that our work and performance as teachers is productive, because otherwise we would not have institutional permanence.

We believe that our joint work with students and parents, gives us the strength and drive to move forward, fulfilling the ideal of San Gerardo school: to educate actively and creatively.


  • Education Based on the Montessori Method

Education today gives us variety of programs, with new pedagocical alternatives, games and toys for children; these alternatives can have two ways: either positive or the contrary, as there are so many opportunities, diversity and educational method offerings, parents become confused and lose the right sense of what is education, which naturally will hinder the choice of the school.

  • Basis of Our Philosophy

– Love the child.
– Respect the child.
– Assess the child.
– Accept their way of being.
– Provide freedom for the game.
– Preserve the individuality of the child.
– Support their curiosity for experimentation.
– Increase creativity.
– Teaching values
– Discover their talents

  • Specific Objectives

– Apply, modify and constantly update the educational model according to changes of modern society based on local and national realities through projects, workshops, visits, internships, national and international exchanges.
– Introduction of innovative educational processes that succeed in making the student an independent individual taking into account their own attitudes and abilities.
– Provide the spontaneous and natural learning through playful education.
– Support and complement family education through counseling for parents.

  • Methodologial Proposal

– Small working groups.
– Ludic pedagogy – Active: free play.
– Self workshops, experiments.
– Free creation workshops.
– Mind Games: creation of lottery, dominoes, puzzles, mathematical.
– Recreational and traditional games.
green classes.
– Weekly assessments of children to create projects according to expectations and needs.
– Special classes in different areas.
– Meaningful and cooperative learning.
– Integrative projects.



Provide our students with excellent academic education quality; stimulating and developing motor and intellectual abilities in irder to creatively strengthen human society through principles and maxims moral and civic, and thereby achieve the goals set in our educational project.


Unidad Educativa Particular “San Gerardo” will always be characterized by delivering to society: bilingual students  with a human and Christian mysticism, engaged in their socio-emotional development in the search of self-improvement; in addition, to train them critical and able to act in the pluricultural area.



The best for your children.

Welcome to the future!

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