EUREKA is consolidated as an event of a scientific nature, far from constituting a strictly curricular competence, it seeks to promote the development of skills, ensuring that students have fun and gain experience to participate later in national and international events.

Levels established for the development of the event:

6th Level 1st, 2nd Year Bachelor 1st, 2nd Grade Secondary Education

5th Level


8th, 9th, 10th Grade of Basic  Education

 6th Grade of Primary Education.

• The participants are only and exclusively those students belonging to the Educational Institutions of Southern Ecuador and Northern Peru.
• The schools belonging to the coastal system must register their students at the level before the approved basic year. That is, the Ninth Year students of Basic General Education, will participate with the Eighth Year students of Basic General Education belonging to the Sierra system and thus correspondingly.

• The Responsible Teachers must present themselves at the facilities of the Unidad Educativa Particular “San Gerardo”, on the day of the exhibition of the event, Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 2:00 pm; being essential the presence of the participating groups at least one hour before the start of the event (since the assembly of each experiment is required and the installation of the materials to be used for this assembly), to register each of the participants of your institution, carrying the documentation that accredits them as representative of the educational entity; as well as the corresponding identifications (identity card or student card) of the participants who will present the project; it will also include a letter signed by the secretary of the Educational Institution, which will certify the current year of study of enrolled students.


It is required that the experiment to be presented comply with the following regulations:

  • Each participating institution will conduct an experiment in which a theme of the current curriculum for each level will apply.
  • The number of participants for each level will be from 1 to 3 students per Educational Institution.
  • In the presentation of the final report for Eureka, it is required: field notebook, photographs, drawings, videos and master book to corroborate, the beginning and end of the investigative and experimental work. They must also include the enabling documents such as folder where the title is entered (name of the Educational Unit, the theme of the experiment, name of the student exhibitor, level or year of basic, advisor or responsible teacher). then, the report of the practice should be recorded in a ringed file that should consist of the report with cover, contents index, research topic, general objective, specific objectives, justification, theoretical framework, methodology used in the experimental practice, assembly of the experimental practice, procedure, conclusions, recommendations, annexes (where you should include: photos of the investigative process from the beginning of the experimental practice until the end of it), at the end you must submit the scanned forms with the data of the experimental practice attached to the annexes, which will corroborate the investigative process of each participating institution.
  • The ringed document will have to be presented on A4 paper sheets, line spacing 2, font Times New Roman 12, the pages must be numbered. In addition to the original ringing will have to attach two ringed copies and another document presented on CD, it is necessary to present the notebook where the data collected throughout the investigative process is included.
  • The work of the EUREKA event must be exhibited by the students that make up the exhibiting team, always supported by the responsible teacher when the occasion merits. However, the participation of the students during the observation of the qualifying jury will be exclusive of the students. The contribution by the teacher will not be allowed.
  • It will be declared the winner of the Olympics of each level to the participants who have obtained the highest score, which is located on the 75 points.
  • If no participant exceeds the minimum score established (75 points), the contest will be declared void.
  • In case of a tie, the Qualifying Jury must make a decision based on the development of the process required by each participating experiment.
  • The first three places will be awarded diplomas of honor and corresponding medals for each place.


Originality of the Experimental Project Theme 10
Quality of the written report presented (Introduction: problematization, objectives, justification, scientific basis) 20
Experimental methodology 20
Analysis and interpretation of data 20
Presentation, oral expression, scientific communication 10
Effect and social impact of the experiment carried out. 10
Evidence of fieldwork (annexes: photographs, field notebook …) 5
Bibliographical sources quoted correctly using the APA rules 5

The Jury

It will be composed of invited professionals, teachers and professionals from the universities and local foundations, who have no connection with the Unidad Educativa Particular “San Gerardo”

NOTE. The projects will be received from March 26 to April 30, 2018, for review, for which two printed and ringed copies and two recorded CDs must be delivered. The information is required to comply with the APA Sixth Edition regulation.
It should be noted that the Unidad Educativa Particular “San Gerardo” in the development of the event will only participate as the host, but will not compete in any category.

Contents by Level

  • Fifth level
    – The living beings and their environment.
    – Human body and health.
    – Matter and energy.
    – The Earth and the universe.
    – Science in action.
  • Sixth level
    – The evolution of living beings.
    – Cellular and molecular biology.
    – Animal and vegetable biology.
    – Human body and health.
    – Biology in action

Academic Excellence Award:

  • The students of our institution who obtain the three highest scores will be recognized with gold, silver and bronze medals.
  • To achieve the award the gerardine academic excellence will be taken into account only the scores greater than 75% of the total score of the individual events per event, these results will be used to be accumulated to the general sum, it should be emphasized the award for Academic Excellence Gerardina , it will be granted to the institution that reaches 90% of the total sum of all events, otherwise it will be declared void.
  • Medals for each level (gold, silver, and bronze respectively) will be awarded to the winners with their respective diplomas and honorable mentions.
  • The award ceremony will be held at the Closing Program on Friday, May 18 at the National Theater Benjamín Carrión at 12:30.


  • Participation in the Olympics is not particular, but institutional. For this reason, it is the institutions that must register according to the procedure indicated below:
  • Registration form: Participating institutions must send the registration form to the event email:, which will be filled out in full with legible handwriting.
  • Another way to register is online (online) at: / option BIOLEAGE / REGISTRATION and choose the EUREKA event.


  • Date of the Eureka event: Thursday, May 17, 2018, at 2:00 p.m.
  • Registration openings: from March 26 to April 30, 2018.


La Pompeya Campus: Exodo de Yangana Ave., 3.5 km to Vilcabamba
 Telephone 07 2545744 / Fax 07 2545743
 Email:
 Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 14:00.

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