Gerardine Chemistry Olympiad (OLIQUIM SG) arises as a proposal of the Bioleage 2015 event, and since then it is organized annually by the Unidad Educativa Particular “San Gerardo”, in this event students from various levels of the different public educational establishments participate. South of Ecuador and North of Peru.
OLIQUIM aims to stimulate the intellect and promote the interest in Chemistry as an experimental science in high school students.




The contents to be evaluated are according to the level at which the student has enrolled.

The tests consist of 20 questions related to the following themes:

• First Level: The atom, Atomic-molecular theory, Periodic table, The chemical bond, Formation of chemical compounds, Chemical reactions and their equations, Chemistry of dissolutions and dispersed systems.

• Second Level: Chemical reactions and their equations, aqueous solutions and their reactions, solutions, gases, properties, laws, kinetics and chemical equilibrium, acids and bases.

• Third Level: Carbon, Open Chain Hydrocarbons, Closed Chain Hydrocarbons, Oxygenated Compounds, Nitrogen Compounds, and of Biological Interest, Petroleum Chemistry.


Participation in the Olympics is not particular, but institutional. For this reason, it is the institutions that must register according to the procedure indicated below:

• Registration form: The participating institutions must send the registration form to the event’s mail: oliquim@sangerardo.edu.ec, which will be filled in completely from and with legible handwriting.
• Another way to register is online (online) at www.sangerardo.edu.ec / option BIOLEAGE / REGISTRATION and choose the OLIQUIM event

• The number of participants: A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 participants will be considered for each level.
• Registration opening: March 26, 2018
• Registration (deadline): April 30, 2018


  • Of the Unidad Educativa Particular “San Gerardo”

o Foster, an adequate environment to take the tests.
o Guarantee the transparency of the contest.
o Provide timely information.
o Providing the necessary tools for the development of the tests.
o Deliver medals and diplomas to the participants.
o To solve the inconveniences in case of presenting.

  • Of the participantsThe participants are only and exclusively those students belonging to the Educational Institutions of the South of Ecuador and the North of Peru who have made the corresponding registration, through the indicated procedure.
    • From the representative of the educational institution

Each educational institution must appoint a delegate teacher, which will have the following functions:

 Act as the link between the participating institution and OLIQUIM SG.
 Provide adequate and timely information to the authorities, students, and parents on the provisions for participation in the Olympics.
 Enroll the students of your institution to participate in the Olympics, on the website www.sangerardo.edu.ec, filling each of the forms correctly.
 It must be presented to the facilities of the “San Gerardo” Individual Educational Unit, the day the test is given, one hour before its start, to register the participants carrying the documentation that accredits them as representative of the institution, as well as the identifications of the participants who will take the test and a letter from the institution’s secretariat that certifies the years in which the enrolled students are enrolled.

  • Of the levels and categories

o OLIQUIM SG presents the modality of individual participation, this means that the competition is not carried out by teams, but each registered student will take the test.
o The established levels are as indicated in the following table:

1st level 1st Year of Bachelor 3er Grade of Secondary Education
2nd level 2nd Year of Bachelor 4th Grade of Secondary Education
3rd level 3rd Year of Bachelor 5th Grade of Secondary Education

o The schools belonging to the Costa Regime must register their students at the level prior to the year of high school in Ecuador or the high school degree approved in Peru. In other words, the second year students will participate in the first year students belonging to the Sierra regime and thus correspondingly.

  • From the competition

o The SG Chemical Olympics will consist of a single test, which will be given on the day established by the Directors.
o The representative of each Educational Institution will register the students to participate in the event, according to the indicated procedure.
o Only students from educational institutions who have made the correct registration will be able to participate.

  • From the qualifying committee

o The Qualifying Committee will be made up of members from outside the Unidad Educativa Particular “San Gerardo”, preferably teachers from Universities and / or non-participating Educational Institutions and will be in charge of the qualification of the tests.
o In addition, the Qualifying Committee will be responsible for issuing the results according to the corresponding participation parameters.
o If deemed necessary, the Qualifying Committee may request the collaboration of qualified persons belonging to the Organizing Institution to expedite the qualification process.

  • Of the exams and their qualification

o The test will consist of 20 multiple-choice questions for each of the three levels and with different degrees of complexity.
o Each question will have a value of 4 points.
o The duration of the tests is 90 minutes.
o The criteria for qualifying the tests are the following:

– If the answer to a multiple-choice question is correct, 4 points will be awarded to the test score.
– If the answer to a multiple choice question is incorrect, 2 points will be deducted from the test score.
– If a multiple-choice question is not answered, no score will be awarded or removed from the test score.
– The participants who have obtained the highest score on the 7.5 points will be declared the winner of the Olympics of each level. If no participant exceeds the minimum score established (7.5 points), the contest will be declared void.
– In the event of a tie, the Qualifying Committee will apply the tie-breaking test to the students involved.

  • Award for Academic Excellence

o The Unidad Educativa Particular “San Gerardo” will participate in all BIOLEAGE events, but will not enter the contest.
o The students of our institution who obtain the three highest scores will be recognized with gold, silver and bronze medals.
o In order to achieve the Gerardine academic excellence award, only scores greater than 75% of the total score of the individual events will be taken into account, these results will be used to be accumulated to the general sum. The Excellence Award will be awarded to the institution that reaches 90% of the total sum of all events, otherwise, it will be declared void.
o Medals will be awarded for each level (gold, silver, and bronze respectively) to the winners with their respective diplomas and prizes.
o The award will be made in the Closing Program.


o Activity Date: Friday, May 18, 2018
o Registration opening: March 26, 2018
o Registration (deadline): April 30, 2018
o Tests: 10:00 a 11:30
o Publication of results and Award Ceremony: The same day of the tests.


o Oliquim SG: Unidad Educativa Particular “San Gerardo”.
 La Pompeya Campus:
or Km. 3.5 via Vilcabamba.
or Telephone 07 2545744 / Fax 07 2545743
 Email: oliquim@sangerardo.edu.ec
 Office hours: Monday to Friday from 07:15 to 15:15.
 www.sangerardo.edu.ec
 Loja-Ecuador

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