The HOW KNOWLEDGEABLE YOU ARE Event arises as a novel proposal that has been carried out internally for two years, and this time, within the BIOLEAGE 2018 event, it is intended to be carried out in an intercollegiate way, in which students of various levels of the different Public and private educational establishments in Southern Ecuador and Northern Peru.

HOW KNOWLEDGEABLE YOU ARE aims to stimulate the intellect and strengthen the interest of the baccalaureate students for the knowledge of the general culture and English in particular.

Through this type of events, it is intended that, with the help of the teachers, students strengthen their knowledge of general culture and English, which are one of the bases of the exams FCE, TOEFL and IELST, required by universities of great prestige around the world for students from non-English speaking countries.

General objective:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of general culture in high school students from the implementation of language skills acquired in the English language as a fundamental means of communication.

Specific Objectives:

  • Encourage interest in the general culture in high school students.
  • Identify the level of linguistic competence in the English language.
  • To strengthen ties of friendship and camaraderie among institutions, provinces, and countries, which will facilitate the development of future corporate projects in the field of education.
  • Promote participation in events related to the English language in the educational institutions of southern Ecuador and northern Peru.
  • Highlight and recognize the linguistic talent of young people.
  • Promote the participation of students in national and international events.




The contents of the contest will be divided into seven categories and the questions within each category will have a score of 10 to 50 points according to their difficulty.

Category 1: Vocabulary

  • Collocations
  • Definitions
  • Synonyms
  • Phrasal verbs

Category 2: Grammar

  • Rules
  • Tenses
  • Conditionals
  • Parts of speech

Category 3: History

  • World History (events, World War I and II, French Revolution, Industrial Revolution)
  • History of Ecuador (dates)
  • Famous inventions (phone, car, TV, radio, Internet)

Category 4: Art

  • Famous Artists (Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Picasso, Guayasamín)
  • Works of art
  • Writers (Shakeaspeare)
  • Famous Novels
  • Composers (Bethoven, Mozart, Paganini, Bach)

Category 5: Science

  • Branches of Science
  • Natural Sciences
  • Formal Sciences

Category 6: Entertainment

  • Internet (Social Networks, Famous websites and its creators)
  • TV Series (Comedy, Sci-fi, Action)
  • Films (famous films, Academy Awards, directors, actors)
  • Music (Iconic songs, singers, genres, Grammy Awards)
  • Sports (Famous Sports around the world, World Cup, Olympic Sports)

Category 7: Random

  • Everyday Objects
  • Geography (continents, countries, capital, languages, currency, famous places)
  • Presidents


The participation in the event is not particular, but institutional; for this reason, it is the institutions that must register according to the procedure indicated below:

  • Registration: registration will be made online (online) at: / option BIOLEAGE / REGISTRATION and choose the event HOW KNOWLEDGEABLE YOU ARE
  • Registration form: Participating institutions must send the registration form to the event’s mail:, which will be filled in completely from and with legible handwriting.


From the Unidad Educativa Particular “San Gerardo”:

  • To create an adequate environment for the realization of the event.
  • Guarantee the transparency of the event.
  • Provide timely information.
  • Provide the necessary material for the development of the event.
  • Deliver medals and diplomas to the winners.
  • Offer a snack during the break to the participants and representatives of each of the institutions.
  • Solve the problems if present.

Of the participants:

  • Two students will participate for each educational institution, who will work as a team.
  • Students must be legally enrolled in the first, second or third year of Baccalaureate.
  • The students belonging to the Educational Institutions that have made their registration participate exclusively and exclusively.

Note: If the participant does not comply with the previous regulations, the institution and its participants will be automatically disqualified.

From the representative of the educational institution:

  • Each educational institution must appoint a representative, which will have the following functions:
  • It will act as the link between the participating institution and the HOW KNOWLEDGEABLE YOU ARE event.
  • Adequately and timely inform the authorities, students and parents about the provisions for participation in the event.
  • Enroll the students of your Institution to participate in the event, filling each of the registration forms correctly.
  • It must be presented one hour before the start of the event in the assigned room.

Of the competition.

  • The Unidad Educativa Particular “San Gerardo”  reserves the right to participate with more than one team, in case there is an odd number of participating institutions.
  • The questions of the competition will be of general knowledge. The categories and topics will be sent in advance to the participating institutions.
  • There will be a panel that contains all the questions, divided into categories and with scores of 10 to 50 points. The categories and questions already answered will be marked.
  • There will be a table arranged with 4 buttons and spotlights, one for each participating group.
  • The jury will open the group faster by pressing the button to answer the question. If it is answered correctly, it will be assigned the partial or total score of the question. And the group will have the right to choose the next category and question.
  •  After having been given the right to respond, the group will have 5 seconds to answer the question, otherwise, the question will be eliminated.
  • The eliminatory will be made in rounds of 4 teams assigned by draw on the day of the event, advancing to the next round the group that scores the most.
  • From each group, the participants with the highest score will pass to a final round to determine first and second place according to the score.
  • The first question, of any category and with a score of 10, will be chosen by the presenter.
  • For each question, any group can respond.
  • If a question is not answered by any of the groups or is answered incorrectly, it will be eliminated. The presenter will choose the following question for 10 points.
  • For the answers to the low-scoring questions, students should give a complete prayer response (eg What is the name of the current president of Ecuador? The name of the current president of Ecuador is Lenin Moreno.) Otherwise, the answer will only have a value below your score, at the discretion of the jury.
From the qualifying committee:
  • The Qualifying Committee will be made up of three members from outside the Unidad Educativa Particular “San Gerardo”, preferably teachers from Universities and/or non-participating Educational Institutions.
  • The three juries will share the roles to: qualify the participation of each student, check that the contents of the answers are correct, and control the time. These roles will be rotated among the three after each round.
  • After 5 seconds have elapsed, if a student has not responded, the jury in charge of the time will stop it with the word THANK YOU and the question will be eliminated.
  • There will be a coordinator, member of the Particular Educational Unit “San Gerardo”, who will be responsible for counting the number of questions answered by each group.
  • The Committee will be responsible for issuing the results.

Of the award

  • The first and second place will be awarded.
  • There will be an honorable mention for the group that has answered the most questions.
  • Gold and silver medals will be awarded to the winners with their respective diplomas. In addition, participation diplomas will be awarded.
  • The winners will be announced at the end of the event.
  • The award will be held in the Closing Program on May 18.
    P.S. We emphasize that our institution participates, but it is not part of the event.

Schedule: Activity/ Date:

  • Registration: March 26 to April 30, 2018.
  • How Knowledgeable You Are Event: May 17.
    Publication of results and Award Ceremony: May 18.


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