Our institution, in an effort to consolidate the knowledge acquired in the classrooms, and to socialize through a healthy environment of competence, proposes the Gerardine Olympics of Recreational Physics, where the interest of our young people is sought by the study of Physics, propose the teaching of this science based on theory and practice that allow finding answers to the phenomena that surround us, detect outstanding students in the area, providing development opportunities and create an environment of integration among teachers of the Region, are some of the objectives of this proposal.

Being the Unidad Educativa Particular “San Gerardo” recognized for the brilliant organization of academic events, with the Olympics FIROG proposes to discover and empower the talents of our city to represent us in national and international instances, fostering their research spirit and love for the sciences.

FIROG (Gerardine Olympics Recreational Physics), is an Olympiad of recreational physics in which students of Baccalaureate for Ecuador and 5th. Secondary Education Degree Peru in two categories: a theoretical test combined with practical exercises and an application experiment.

Of the Competition
Unique Category
Baccalaureate 5th. Grade of Secondary School
First Part: Theoretical Test

Date: Thursday, May 18.

  • The number of participants will be three students, one of BGU’s first, another BGU’s second and the third of BGU’s for Ecuador, and for students of the Republic of Peru students will belong to the third, fourth and fifth grades. of higher education, one student per level, thus forming a team by the institution for the development of a theoretical group evaluation.
  • The time for the resolution of the test will be one hour and thirty minutes.
    The test will consist in the resolution of a set of 15 questions, 10 of multiple choice each with a value of 10 points, and five questions of development each with a value of 20 points, giving a total of 200 points as a maximum score.
  • Each group of students will count for the resolution of the test with support sheets (blank bond paper sheets for resolution of exercises), pencil, eraser, geometric game and a pen that each student must bring.
    They can not carry any electronic device, except for a basic calculator, such as Casio fx – 82 MS.
  • The winner of the contest will be the group of students that get the highest score as long as it exceeds 75% of the total score, the first three places will be awarded, in case of a tie the winner will be designated to the group of students that has solved the test in the As long as possible, when the draw persists, the qualifying jury will be the one who makes the decision and will be unappealable.
Second Part: Experiment

Date: Friday, May 19.

  • The application experiment will have the following rules:
    Each educational institution will participate with a single experiment of application of the subjects corresponding to the curricular mesh of the unified general baccalaureate in force in the country.
  • The number of participating students will be maximum of 3, although they may be accompanied by 2 additional students as support.
  • In the experiment, the following will be qualified:
    • Creativity and Design: 30 points
    • Application and innovation in the medium: 30 points
    • Use of recyclable materials: 15 points
    • Exhibition and defense of the project: 25 points
  • The educational establishment that has obtained the highest grade will be the winner, in case of a tie the qualifying jury will be the one who will make the decision to grant the corresponding position.
  • The first three places that exceed 75% of the total rating will be awarded.


The Unidad Educativa Particular “San Gerardo”:

  • To create an adequate environment to perform the tests.
  • Guarantee the transparency of the contest.
  • Provide timely information.
  • Provide the necessary tools for the development of the tests.
  • Deliver medals and diplomas to the winners.
  • Solve the problems if present.

Of the participants:

  • The participants are only and exclusively those students belonging to the educational institutions of Ecuador and Peru who have made the corresponding registration, through the indicated procedure.

From the representative of the educational institution:

  • Each educational institution must appoint a representative, which will have the following functions:
  • It will act as the link between the participating institution and FIROG SG.
  • Will inform the authorities, students, and parents about the dispositions of participation in the Olympics in a timely and adequate manner.
  • Enroll the students of your institution to participate in the Olympics, on the website, filling in each of the forms correctly.
  • The data that should be entered on each participant is the following:
    • First name.
    • Year of Basic Education.

From the jury:

  • The qualifying committee will be made up of members from outside the Particular Educational Unit “San Gerardo”, preferably teachers from Universities and / or non-participating Educational Institutions and will be in charge of the qualification of the tests.
  • In addition, the committee will be responsible for issuing the results and proposing solutions to the problems taken in the tests.
  • If deemed necessary, the qualifying committee may request the collaboration of qualified persons belonging to the Organizing Institution to expedite the qualification process.

From the results of the competition:

  • The names of the and / or the winners of the FIROG SG Olympics will be indicated the day after the tests, in an official award ceremony.

Of the award:

  • The “San Gerardo” Individual Educational Unit will issue a certificate of participation to all the contestants.
  • Medals will be awarded in the individual participation in the first part or theoretical test, and in the second part or events involving groups will be the delivery of plates to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Place.
  • The award ceremony will be held on Friday, May 19 at the special closing ceremony of the IV OLYMPICS OF GERARDINE ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE.

Of the Inscription:

  • Participation in the Olympics is not particular, but institutional. For this reason, it is the institutions that must register according to the procedure indicated below:
  • Registration form: The participating institutions must send the registration form to the event’s mail:, which will be filled in completely from and with legible handwriting.
  • Another way to register is online (online) at: / option BIOLEAGE / REGISTRATION and choose the FIROG event.


  • Registration opening: April 3, 2017.
  • Registration (deadline): May 9, 2017.
  • Tests:
    • Theoretical: May 18 at 1:00 p.m.
    • Practice: May 19 at 08h30.


  • The educational institution must register the participant (s), by means of a form that will be delivered by a person responsible or collaborator of the contest FIROG SG, belonging to the Unidad Educativa Particular “San Gerardo”, the same one that until the indicated dates will be awarded to the Organizing institution to verify that everything is correctly done and in this way proceed to registration.
  • Another way to register is online (online) at: / option BIOLEAGE / REGISTRATION and choose the FIROG event.
    Registration link: INSCRIBIRSE


  • The participant must be accompanied by a delegation (10 properly uniformed students) of the educational establishment he represents, which must maintain appropriate conduct before, during and after the event.


For more information, contact the “San Gerardo” Private Educational Unit.

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