Conducting the Recreational Mathematics Olympics (OLIMARE SG) at a Provincial Level, was highly accepted and successful within the educational field and served as the basis for our students to undertake innovative academic projects.

Indicating that the invitation is made to all educational institutions in the South of Ecuador (the educational institutions belonging to the Zonal Coordination 7 of Education) and Northern Peru. Where students from educational institutions can participate, whether public or private and that are attached to the educational calendar of the Sierra and Coast regions.

It is expected that this event arising participants worldwide. Acquiring the commitment to establish a regular contest with the standards of national and international competitions.

BIOLEAGE, are not strictly curricular competencies, in them it is sought above all to encourage in the participants the creativity, the inventiveness, the critical spirit through a ludic approach of the main sciences and in the higher levels, the capacity of abstraction and deduction, core characteristics of scientific activity, applicable and necessary in everyday life, university studies and professional life.

General objective:

Conduct the Ecuador-Peru Binational student encounter of Gerardine Educational Excellence.

Specific objectives:
  • To stimulate, in childhood and youth in the South of Ecuador and in the North of Peru, the enthusiasm and curiosity for the main sciences oriented to academic excellence.
  • To promote in the educational institutions of the South of Ecuador and North of Peru the participation in events related to the scientific work, oriented to the academic excellence.
  • To stimulate healthy academic competition in an atmosphere of friendship and fellowship.
  • To encourage in society the recognition of sciences as a tool that is part of their culture and that favors the freedom of the individual by providing reasoning, deduction, and inventiveness.
  • To collaborate with institutions in the training of academic excellence of children and youth.
  • To emphasize the academic excellence of the children and youth of the participating countries with this event.
  • To obtain recognition of our work on academic excellence by the Educational Institutions of Southern Ecuador and Northern Peru.
Agenda BIOLEAGE 2018


Free registration for all of the events. From March 26th to April 30th, 2018.

Release date: March 2018


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