The mission of the Biodiversity and Biotechnologies area is to provide excellent teaching in the classroom strengthened with relevant research experiences and practices that prepare bachelors to be highly competitive people with solid ethical values and a strong sense of commitment and social responsibility in order to be able to Participate in the solution and prevention of problems and in the development of alternatives that favor the protection of biodiversity and sustainable technological development.


It is to consolidate ourselves as an area of academic and research excellence as well as a deep humanistic sense, which contributes to the building and development of scientific knowledge and critical thinking for the training of competent bachelors at all levels and committed citizens collaborating with the public and private sectors; and, always making efficient use of resources.


  • Prepare graduates with a scientific background, able to identify problems in the different fields of life sciences and to participate in their solution.
  • Prepare graduates with the capacity to use scientific knowledge in the search and evaluation of solutions to environmental problems.
  • Propose and develop projects in the biotechnology field.
  • Make available to the society the access to knowledge of the biodiversity of our country.
  • Consolidate “San Gerardo” high school as a center of academic and scientific excellence.
  • Serve other areas and departments of the Institution that require the support of the area of Biodiversity and Biotechnologies.

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