To promote and foster innovation, transfer of knowledge and technological capacities in the Institution, to contribute to integral development as teachers, generating methodological knowledge in the classroom, through the strengthening of innovation and support to academic excellence initiatives.


To be the fundamental pillar of the scientific and technological development of the institution as part of the process of becoming leaders in educational technological innovations in the region.


  • Efficiently and effectively manage technological resources to generate a solid future based on sustainability and academic excellence.
  • To be responsible for the management and implementation of the different aid instruments and academic support in relation to Science, Technology and Innovation.
  • Increase the interest of teachers in the different strategies of updating, as well as the ability to group technological and scientific initiatives for the making and development of projects and academic planning.
  • Integrate efforts of all who are part of the Tagesschule and High School San Gerardo to promote areas of strategic knowledge for the development of the institution in the basic social and human sciences.

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