Student Services

The main purpose of the Department of Student Services is to provide assistance and support to students in different areas in order to generate development and wellbeing in the student population.


  • Library

Resource center aimed at the teaching and learning of students and teachers, it being our duty to provide our users with the necessary tools for good learning, thus contributing to a development of imagination, responsibility and criticism.

  • DOBE (Department of Counseling and Student Welfare)

The DOBE is responsible for maintaining a direct communication with students, parents, teachers and members of an educational institution to make known academic difficulties.

  • Bartolo Student Bar

For the institution is a priority to provide health and well-being to those who make up our educational community, food is an important part of the physical and intellectual development of being.

  • Copy Center & Computer Area

This service, for its better performance, has been divided into two sections: Computer center the same one that offers the services of use of computers for the edition of texts and use of Internet. And the copying center for the development of this process is equipped with photocopying, printing and scanner equipment.

  • Transport

We offer a safe transportation service for the entire student community.

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