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Parents or representatives actively collaborate in the teaching process of their children with their duties:

  • To concur with the date and time indicated to all the citations and events that it receives from part of the Tagesschule and School “San Gerardo”; In case of non-attendance, you must personally justify it by submitting the corresponding documentation. All parent meetings are mandatory.
  • Keep informed of the performance of your children in all instances of school work.
  • It is the duty of the parents to send their represented with the respective uniform of the establishment, the same must be embroidered with the name, the institution will not be responsible for the losses occasioned.
  • Interviews are conducted with teachers in hours and days set according to a schedule established by the Secretary of the institution.
  • Fulfill all the regulations that involve parents and students, established in this regulation.
  • Keep up the monthly payments established by the institution, considering that the maximum term will be the first ten days of each month.
  • Respect all the Tagesschule and School “San Gerardo”.
  • Be responsible for the timely arrival of your representative to the school day.
  • Sign the agenda every day.
  • It is strictly necessary for parents to form and foster independence, security for better socio-affective development of students.
  • For stimulation, pre-basic, and first basic levels, parents should not send children with toys unless the teacher requests it.
  • At the first meeting of parents, the group committee should be organized, whose board will be constituted by the president, treasurer and three members.
  • All the level committees will meet to form the Parents Central Committee until the end of the first month of work.
  • For the formation of the committee of Parents, see articles 148 and 150 of the Organic Law of education.

Duties of parents or Representatives with the institution

  • Pay the economic items for pensions, until the 10th of each month.
  • Observe that your child attends on time as much to the daily classes as to each and every one of the activities of the center; and show responsibility for the care of your child by picking him up on time at departure.
  • Monitor the presentation and proper use of the uniform of the institution (other items are not accepted).
  • Justify your child’s absences.
  • Read and properly fulfill with the information provided by the center through the messenger or school newspaper.
  • The attendance to the calls (meetings, talks, etc.) that will be carried out by the institution, the day and the hour indicated are MANDATORY, because it is very important that you keep us in contact to solve any situation and also to be informed of the progress of your child.
  • If you wish to speak with a teacher, request an appointment in advance in the secreatry of the institution. In any way it can disrupt their activities.
  • Send the lunch box with your child. They will not be received in the class period, as this causes disorder.
  • Monitor your child’s timely and properly correction and completion of the assignments, homework and lessons sent by teachers.
  • Inform in secretary any changes, illness or personal data of your child.

Duties of parents or Representatives with Parents Central Committee

  • With the central committee of parents, support and collaborate in each of the activities that are organized.
  • Look for an atmosphere of friendship among all the members of the Gerardine family.

Duties of parents or Representatives with Psychological and Health Department.

  • With the Department of Health and Psychology, parents have the freedom to choose their Pediatrician, Dentist or Psychologist to carry out controls and treatments of their children, informing that any extra-center and unplanned consultation should be canceled to the professional.

In case of requesting consultation to inquire about the health or progress of the child, the center will issue an order form for the Pediatrician, Dentistry or Psychologist.

What each department offers

  • Pediatric Department
    – Developing of child’s medical records
    – Control of child
    – Deworming programs
    – Emergency care that happens in school
  • Dentistry Department
    – Developing of oral histories of child
    – Prevention Programmes
    – Fluorization
  • Psychological Department
    – Elaboration of psychological records of child
    – Evaluations
    – Individual Reports and Tips for Parents

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