logo-english-area-2The Language Area welcomes both parents and students. We are eager to collaborate in the learning process of your children, knowing that they are the main actors of the same.

Likewise, the institution has chosen to divide the students by levels. The result of the diagnostic examination carried out during the first week has been considered, as well as the opinion of the teachers who were in charge the previous year to achieve an organization that allows to maximize the academic performance of each student, achieving the proposed goals successfully.

We understand that it is our responsibility to share our knowledge with students motivating them to overcome themselves day by day using strategies, methods and ICTs in a correct way as well as inducing them to personal research.


It is our goal that when graduating from the secondary level our students obtain international certifications. We aim for this certification to be the highest of those currently offered. To achieve this, students are receiving the respective training and coaching provided by suitable teachers with the necessary tools such as: preparing, empowering and familiarizing the students with the skills, knowledge and formats in order to take the test that will accredit them to obtain an English proficiency international certification as a requirement to access to study abroad.

The methodology to be followed will be worked on the following skills: auditory discrimination, reading practice, conversation and writing exercises, plus classes, workshops, tasks, diagnostics, assessments, 2 tests per year (pre-test training, as required) as well as conversation and discussion groups.

Additionally, the student will work with the material prepared by the Language Area and the classes will be reinforced with the use of videos, use of multimedia, resources on the Web, online practices and in the computer lab.

All these activities, together with the great support of parents, will enable our students to successfully access international accreditation and certification of English proficiency.

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