The mission of the area of Basic Sciences is to consolidate its leadership in the teaching and education programs recognized for their quality, developing research in each of the corresponding subjects, orienting their activities towards the achievement of academic recognition of their students.


To be a fundamental support in the institutional development, in the training aspect of future professionals, that are developed in critical conscience and put their capacity and the acquired competences to be able to enter national and international universities.  In that way, School San Gerardo consolidates as one of the best in the southern region of Ecuador.


  • Evaluate the process of planning, organization, direction and control of the academic activities of each member of the area on a continuous basis, with a view to successfully developing the quality teaching-learning process, for both upper and lower secondary education.
  • Generate actions aimed at updating and training teachers in the area.
  • To present educational projects oriented to good living, thus making the environment that surrounds us more friendly.
  • Demonstrate teamwork with respect among its members.
  • Organize talks, conferences, round tables, seminars or any other event that promotes proactive student behavior, in different social strata.

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